Thursday, February 10, 2011


Is of English and Irish origin. Variant of Molly; nickname of Mary (Latin) "star of the sea". Actress Polly Bergen.

Variations of Polly are: Poll, Pollee, Polley, Polli, Pollie and Pollyanna.


Is of Greek origin, and the meaning of Phoebe is "bright, radiant". Biblical: a Christian woman who aided Paul and others. Greek mythology: a reference to Phoebus Apollo, the god of light. Name of the first flycatcher to migrate to Wisconsin each spring. The bird gets its name from its call which is a sharp "Phoebe!". The name became more common in the 18th century and is familiar in modern times due to the fictional character Phoebe Buffay on the "Friends" TV series. Singers Phoebe Legere, Phoebe Snow.

Variations of Phoebe are:
Febe, Pheabe, Phebe, Pheby, Phoebey and Phoeboe.


Is of Irish and Gaelic origin, and the meaning of Phelan is "like a wolf".

Variations of Phelan are:
Felan, Phelim and Felim.


Is a variant of Paddy (Irish) and Patrick (Latin), and the meaning of Padraic is "patrician, noble".

Similar names to Padraic are
Padraig, Padric, Patric and Padhraig.


is of Welsh origin, and the meaning of Olwen is "white footprint".

Variations of Olwen are:
Olwenn, Olwin, Olwyn and Olwynne.


Is of Latin origin, and the meaning of Olivia is "olive tree". Coined by Shakespeare as the name of a much-wooed aristocrat in his play "Twelfth Night" (1599). He may have derived the name from the olive plant, or as a feminine form of Oliver. Biblical: the olive tree is a symbol of fruitfulness, beauty, and dignity. Today, "extending an olive branch" traditionally signifies an offer of peace. Today, Olive is associated with Popeye's scrawny girlfriend, Olive Oyl. Singer Olivia Newton-John.

Variations of Olivia are:
Liv, Liva, Livia, Livvie, Livvy, Olia, Oliff, Oliffe, Oliva, Olive, Oliveea, Olivet, Olivetta, Olivette, Olivija, Olivine, Olivya, Ollie and Olva.


Is of Scottish and Greek origin, and the meaning of Owen is "born of yew; youth". Variant of Eoghan. Also variant of the Latin name Eugenius (see Eugene). It may also derive from an old Celtic name meaning "born of Esos", referring to a god with a cult in Gaul. Owen Glendower was a 14th-century Welsh chieftain who fought unsuccessfully for Welsh independence from England. Common outside Wales since the 18th century. Author Owen Wister; actor Owen Wilson.

Variations of Owen are:
Ewan, Ewen, Owens, Owain, Owin and Owynn.


It is of Latin origin, and the meaning of Oliver is "olive tree". Name of one of Charlemagne's knights in the 12th-century poem "Chanson de Roland". Also possibly from Alfihar (Old German) "host of elves" or Olafr (Old Norse) "ancestor". Biblical: the olive tree is a symbol of fruitfulness, beauty, and dignity. Today "extending an olive branch" traditionally signifies an offer of peace. Literary: the title character in Dickens' "Oliver Twist". Film director Oliver Stone; actor Oliver Platt.

Variations of Oliver are:
Noll, Oliverio, Olivero, Olivier, Oliviero, Olivio, Olivor, Olley, Ollie, Olliver and Ollivor.

Friday, October 15, 2010


Is of Latin origin, and the meaning of Natasha is "birthday". Russian pet form of Natalya. See also Noel. Actress Natasha Richardson
Variations ofNatasha are:
Nastaliya, Nastalya, Nataasha, Natacha, Natachia, Natacia, Natajha, Natasa, Natascha, Natashah, Natashia, Natashenka, Natashia, Natashja, Natasia, Natasja, Natassija, Natisha, Natosha, Natucha, Tasha, Tashia, Tosha, Toshia, Tash, Tashie and Tassiana.


Is of Hebrew origin, and the meaning of Naomi is "pleasant". Biblical: an ancestress of Jesus and mother-in-law to Ruth, who after her sons died, said, "Do not call me Naomi, call me Mara, for the Almighty has dealt very bitterly with me". The name came into English-speaking use in the 18th century. Noémi (no-AY-mee) is the Spanish form. Actress Naomi Watts.

Variations of Naomi are:
Naoma, Naomia, Naomie, Nayomi, Navit, Neoma, Neomi, Noami, Noemi and Noemie.


Is of Hebrew origin, and the meaning of Noah is "peaceful". Also possibly "long-lived", "comforter", or "wanderer". Biblical: the patriarch survivor of the Great Flood who drifted in the ark for 40 days of rain. According to the biblical account, all the world's nations are descended from Noah's three sons. The name has been steadily used since the 17th century. Noe is a Spanish form. Actor Noah Wyle.
Variations of Noah are:
Knoa, Noach, Noak, Noe, Noe and Norrie.


Is of Hebrew origin, and the meaning of Nathaniel is "God has given". Biblical: one of the 12 apostles, who was also called Bartholomew. Used by the Puritans. Author Nathaniel Hawthorne; musician Nat "King" Cole.

Variations of Nathaniel are:
Nat, Natanael, Nataniel, Nate, Nathan, Nathanael, Nathaneal, Nathanial, Nathanyal, Nathanyel, Natty, Nethanel, Nethaniel, Nethanyel and Thaniel.

Thursday, October 14, 2010


Is of Hebrew origin. An older version of the name Mary (wished-for child; rebellion; sea of bitterness). Biblical: the sister of Moses, who saved his life as a baby when she hid him in a basket among the rushes at the river's edge for the Pharoah's daughter to find. The name was revived in the 18th century. Singer Miriam Makeba.

Variations of Miriam are:
Mariam, Maryam, Meriam, Meryam, Mimi, Mirham, Mirjam, Mirjana, Mirriam, Miryam, Mitzi, Mitzie, Miyana, Miyanna and Myriam.


Is of Irish and Gaelic origin, and the meaning of Maeve is "intoxicating". The original form is Meadhbh, name of the powerful and legendary warrior queen of pre-Christian Ireland (first century). She is described in the "Tain", the Celtic equivalent of the "Iliad", as "tall, fair...carrying an iron sword". Author Maeve Binchy.

Similar names to Maeve are:
Mave and Mauve, Marve, Maelle, Meave, Macie, Macee, Maude, Madge, Maeja, Maeko, Maemi, Maery, Mazie, Malva, Malvie, Mamie, Mayme, Mame, Maime, Mare, Maire, Marie, Maree, Marva, Maure, Maye, Maelee, Mae and Neve.


Is of Hebrew origin, and the meaning of Micah is "who resembles God?". Variant of Michael. Biblical: a prophet and writer of the Book of Micah.

Variations of Micah are:
Mike, Mikey, Mikal and Mycah.


Is of Hebrew origin, and the meaning of Matthew is "gift of the Lord". Biblical: the name of one of the twelve apostles, who wrote the first Gospel account of the life of Jesus. The alternate spelling Mathew is an English surname variant spelling. Mateo is a Spanish form; Matteo is Italian; Mateus is Portuguese. Mathieu and Matthieu are French forms. Actors Matthew Broderick, Matthew Modine, Matthew Perry, Matthew McConaughey, Matt Leblanc, Matt Damon; photographer Mathew Brady; poet Matthew Arnold; tennis celebrity Mats Wilander.

Variations of Matthew are:
Madteo, Madteos, Madtheos, Mat, Mata, Mateo, Mateus, Mateusz, Mathe, Matheu, Mathew, Mathian, Mathias, Mathieu, Matias, Matico, Mats, Matt, Mattaeus, Mattaus, Matteo, Matthaus, Mattheus, Matthias, Matthieu, Matthiew, Mattias, Mattie, Mattieu, Matty, Matvey, Matyas and Matz.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Is a variant of Elisa (Hebrew), Elizabeth (Hebrew) and Liesl (German), and the meaning of Liesel is "God's promise; God's promise; God is my oath".

Similar names are:
 Lisel and Liezel. Other similar baby names are Liese, Leese, Lise, Lisl, Liezl and Liesa.


Is of Hebrew origin, and the meaning of Leah is "delicate; weary". Biblical: Jacob's first wife, the mother of Dinah and six of Jacob's twelve sons. The name was revived by the Puritans. Hawaiian mythology: Lea is the goddess of canoe makers. The fictional Princess Leia of "Star Wars" fame has made Leia familiar as a given name. Léa is popular in France. Actress Lea Thompson.

Variations of Leah are:
Lea, Lee, Leia, Leigh and Lia.


Is of Old German origin, and the meaning of Liam is "will helmet, protection". Irish Gaelic form of William. Actor Liam Neeson.

Variations of Liam are: Lyam.


Is of Irish and Gaelic origin, and the meaning of Lachlan is "from the land of lakes". May also possibly refer to a Viking ancestor or mean "bellicose". Media magnate Lachlan Murdoch.

Similar names are:
 Lachman and Lachmann.


Is of Scandinavian origin. Variant of Christine (Greek) "christian". The name has been in use in Scotland since long ago. Actresses Kirstie Alley, Kirsten Dunst.

Variations of Kerstin are: Keerstin, Keirstin, Kersten, Kiersten, Kerstin, Kiersten, Kierstin, Kierstynn, Kirsteen, Kirsten, Kirsti, Kirstie, Kirstin, Kirstine, Kirsty, Kirstyn, Kirstynn, Kjerstin, Kristyn and Kyrstin.


Is a variant of Kiara and Kyra (Greek), and the meaning of Keira is "lady".

Similar names are:
Kaira, Kerra, Kera, Kira and Keera. Other similar baby names are Ceira, Kefira, Keiba, Keila, Meira, Veira and Yeira


Iis of Gaelic origin, and the meaning of Kyle is "narrow, straight". Place name that refers either to a narrow body of water between two land masses, or to a peninsula or isthmus. Actor Kyle MacLachlan.

Variations of Kyle are:
Kile, Kiley, Kye, Kylan, Kylar, Kylen, Kyler and Kyrell.


Is a variant of Kieran (Irish, Gaelic), and the meaning of Keiran is "black". The baby name Keiran sounds like Kiran and Keiron.

Similar names are:
 Keilan, Kairn, Kian, Kean, Ferran, Jeran, Kaidan, Keyvan, Kearn, Keegan, Kegan, Keagan, Keelan, Kelan, Keillan, Kealan, Keenan, Kennan, Keir, Kellan, Kenan, Kern, Kirwan, Kevron, Kevan, Kernan, Kyran, Keirown, Keirone, Keirohn, Terran and Teran.


Is of Hebrew origin, and the meaning of Jessica is "He sees". Coined by Shakespeare (from the Old Testament Iscah or Jesca) in "The Merchant of Venice" for Shylock's daughter, a young Jewish woman who elopes with Lorenzo and converts to Christianity. Singer Jessica Simpson; actresses Jessica Lange, Jessica Tandy, Jessica Alba, Jessica Capshaw, Sarah Jessica Parker.

Variations of Jessica are:
Jess, Jessa, Jessaca, Jessaka, Jessalin, Jessalyn, Jesse, Jesseca, Jessey, Jessie, Jessika and Jessy.


Is of Hebrew origin, and the meaning of Jemima is "dove". Biblical: eldest of the three daughters of Job (see also Keren and Kezia), renowned as the most beautiful women of their time. The name has been recorded from the early 1700s in England. It is now also familiar because of the "Aunt Jemima" brand name for pancake mix and syrup, and Beatrix Potter's foolish heroine in "Jemima Puddleduck".

Variations of Jemima are:
Jamina, Jemimah, Jeminah, Jemmimah, Jemmie, Jemmy, Mima and Mimma.


Is a Variant of Jeremiah, in use since the Middle Ages. Modern use may have been inspired by a character named Jevemy on the 1960s TV series "Here Come the Brides". Actor Jeremy Irons; football player Jeremy Shockey.

Variations of Jeremy are:
Jem, Jemmie, Jemmy, Jeramee, Jeramey, Jeramie, Jeramy, Jere, Jereme, Jeremie, Jeromy and Jerry.


Is of Hebrew origin, and the meaning of Jacob is "he who supplants". Also possibly from "la-aqov" (hence, Yaakov) meaning "to track or follow". Biblical: the son of Isaac and Rebekah and twin brother of Esau. Jacob fathered 12 sons and a daughter, who became the ancestors of the nation of Israel, the name Jacob himself received after wrestling with an angel. Jacobo is a Spanish form; Yakov (YAH-kav) is Russian. Senator Jacob Javits; actor Jake Gyllenhall.

Variations of Jacob are:
Cob, Cobb, Cobby, Giacamo, Giacobbe, Giacobo, Giacomo, Giacopo, Hamish, Iacopo, Iacovo, Iago, Iakob, Iakobos, Iakov, Jaap, Jack, Jaco, Jacobo, Jacobi, Jacobus, Jacoby, Jack, Jackie, Jacko, Jacky, Jacobo, Jacobus, Jacques, Jacquet, Jago, Jaime, Jake, Jakeb, Jakie, Jakob, Jakov, Jakub, James, Jamesie, Jamey, Jamie, Jamsey, Jay, Jayme, Jim, Jimmie, Seamus, Shamus, Yakov, Yakup and Yaqub.

Monday, October 06, 2008


Is of Old English origin. Name from nature; an evergreen climbing ornamental plant. Iva is a feminine form of Ivo, a saint's name. Author Ivy Compton-Burnett.
Variations of Ivy are: I
va, Ivalyn, Ivee, Ivey, Ivie and Ivyanne.


Is of Greek origin. Place name: an island in the Hebrides where Saint Columba (sixth century) founded a monastery of the Celtic Church. Orchestra conductor Iona Brown.
Similar names to Iona are:
Oona, Ina, Iana, Ioana, Ione, Ionia, Ionya, Yona and Jona, Ilona, Nona, Tona, Dona, Idona, Iola, Lona, Mona, Rona and Zona.


Is of Russian and Slavic origin. Variant of John (Hebrew) "God is gracious". Ivanhoe is a medieval variant Sir Walter Scott used for the Saxon hero of his novel "Ivanhoe". Tennis star Ivan Lendl.
Variations of Ivan are:
Ifan, Ivanhoe, Ivano and Iwan.


Is of Hebrew origin, and its meaning is "laughter". Biblical: the only son of Abraham by his wife Sarah. Violinist Itzhak (ITS-hahk) Perlman; scientish Isaac Newton; angler Izaak Walton; authors Isaac Bashevis Singer, Isaac Asimov; football player Isaac Bruce; singer Isaac Hanson.

Variations of Isaac are:
Ike, Ikey, Ikie, Isa, Isaak, Isac, Isacco, Isak, Issac, Itzak, Itzhak, Izaac, Izaak, Izak, Izik, Izsak, Yitzhak, Zack and Zak.

Thursday, July 24, 2008


Is pronounced HYE-dee. Short form of Adelaide or Adelheid (Old German) "exalted nature". Literary: the name of a girl of the Swiss Alps in Johanna Spyri's beloved children's novel "Heidi".
Variations of Heidi are:
Haidee, Heida, Heide, Heidey, Heidy and Hydee.


Is pronounced HAN-ah. It is of Hebrew origin, and its meaning is "favored grace". Biblical: mother of the prophet Samuel. Being barren, she asked God to bless her with a child, and her prayer was answered. Hence, the name literally means "God has graced me with a son". Variations of Hannah are:
Ann, Anna, Anne, Annie, Chana, Chanah, Chanha, Channach, Channah, Hana, Hanah, Hanalee, Hanalise, Hanna, Hanne, Hannele, Hannelore, Hannie, Hanny,


Is pronounced heeth. It is of Middle English origin, and its meaning is "heath". Place name. "Heath" is a word for untended land where certain flowering shrubs grow. Famous people with this name are actor Heath Ledger.


Is of Scottish origin. It is a variant of James (Hebrew) "he who supplants".
It is also related to the name Jacob

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Is of Welsh origin, and its meaning is "blessed".
Short form of Gwendolyn and Guinevere. Often used as an independent name,
Pop singer Gwen Stefani.
Variations of Gwen are has:
Gwenn, Gwyn and Gwynn.


Is of Latin origin, and its meaning is "favor; blessing". A virtue name referring to God's grace. Actress and princess Grace Kelly; singer Grace Jones; choreographer Graciela Daniele.
Variations of Grace are: Engracia, Eugracia, Gracee, Gracella, Gracelynn, Gracelynne, Gracey, Gracia, Graciana, Gracie, Graciela, Graciella, Gracielle, Gracija, Gracina, Gracious, Grata, Gratia, Gratiana, Gratiela, Gratiella, Grayce, Grazia, Graziella, Grazina, Graziosa and Grazyna.


Is of Old English and Gaelic origin, and its meaning is "large fortification". Also possibly a place name meaning "hill near meadows" or "triangular hill".
Balladeer Gordon Lightfoot; photographer Gordon Parks; hockey player Gordie Howe.
Variations of Gordon are: Gordan, Gorden and Gordie.


Is of Irish and Gaelic origin, and its meaning is "glen". Place name. A glen is a narrow valley between hills.
Singer Glen Campbell; band leader Glenn Miller; pianist Glenn Gould; hockey player Glen Murray.
Variations of Glenn are: Gleann, Glendale, Glendon, Glendyn, Glen, Glennard, Glennie, Glennon, Glenny, Glin, Glinn, Glyn and Glynn.