Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Is of Old English origin, and its meaning is "broad meadow." Used since the mid 19th century. The most famous American bearer of this surname was General Omar N. Bradley (20th century). Senator Bill Bradley; actor Bradley Whitford.

Variations of Bradley are:
Brad, Bradd, Bradford, Bradlea, Bradlee, Bradleigh, Bradlie, Bradly, Bradney, Bradshaw and Lee.


Is of Greek and Aramaic origin, and its meaning is "son of consolation." Greek form of an Aramaic name. Biblical: Barnabas was a first-century missionary companion of Paul and uncle of the gospel writer Mark.

Variations of Barnabas are:
Barna, Barnaba, Barnabé, Barnabee, Barnabey, Barnabie, Barnabus, Barnaby, Barnebas, Barnebus, Barney, Barni, Barnie, Barny, Bernabé, Bernabe and Burnaby.