Monday, October 06, 2008


Is of Old English origin. Name from nature; an evergreen climbing ornamental plant. Iva is a feminine form of Ivo, a saint's name. Author Ivy Compton-Burnett.
Variations of Ivy are: I
va, Ivalyn, Ivee, Ivey, Ivie and Ivyanne.


Is of Greek origin. Place name: an island in the Hebrides where Saint Columba (sixth century) founded a monastery of the Celtic Church. Orchestra conductor Iona Brown.
Similar names to Iona are:
Oona, Ina, Iana, Ioana, Ione, Ionia, Ionya, Yona and Jona, Ilona, Nona, Tona, Dona, Idona, Iola, Lona, Mona, Rona and Zona.


Is of Russian and Slavic origin. Variant of John (Hebrew) "God is gracious". Ivanhoe is a medieval variant Sir Walter Scott used for the Saxon hero of his novel "Ivanhoe". Tennis star Ivan Lendl.
Variations of Ivan are:
Ifan, Ivanhoe, Ivano and Iwan.


Is of Hebrew origin, and its meaning is "laughter". Biblical: the only son of Abraham by his wife Sarah. Violinist Itzhak (ITS-hahk) Perlman; scientish Isaac Newton; angler Izaak Walton; authors Isaac Bashevis Singer, Isaac Asimov; football player Isaac Bruce; singer Isaac Hanson.

Variations of Isaac are:
Ike, Ikey, Ikie, Isa, Isaak, Isac, Isacco, Isak, Issac, Itzak, Itzhak, Izaac, Izaak, Izak, Izik, Izsak, Yitzhak, Zack and Zak.