Thursday, January 18, 2007


Is of Welsh origin. Variant of a Gaelic name anglicized as John (Hebrew) "the Lord is gracious". In Celtic, the name means "young warrior". In Welsh, it means "God is Good". In Hebrew, Evan means "rock".
Variations of Evan are:
Euan, Euen, Evann, Evans, Ev, Eva, Even, Evin, Evo, Evon, Evyn, Ewan, Ewen, Ewy and Owen.


Is of Hebrew origin, and its meaning is "the Lord is my God".
Biblical: Elijah, one of the foremost prophets of Israel. The Book of Kings recounts many miracles performed for and by him.
Film director Elia Kazan; actor Elijah Wood.
Variations of Elijah are:
Eli, Elia, Elias, Elie, Elihu, Elija, Eliot, Eliyahu, Eljah, Elliot, Ellis, Ely, Elyot and Elyott.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Is of Hebrew origin, and its meaning is "bee".
Biblical: a prophetess who summoned Barak to battle against an invading army. The victory song she wrote after the battle is part of the Book of Judges.
Actresses Deborah Kerr, Debbie Reynolds, Debra Winger, Debra Messing; Olympic figure skater Debi Thomas; TV journalist Deborah Norville.
Variations of Deborah are:
Deb, Debb, Debbee, Debbera, Debbey, Debbi, Debbie, Debbra, Debby, Debee, Debera, Deberah, Debi, Debor, Debora, Debra, Debrah, Debralee, Debreanna, Debriana, Debs, Devora, Devorah and Dobra.


Is of Old English origin, and its meaning is "from Denmark". A surname.
Actress Dana Delany.
Variations ofDana are:
Daena, Daina, Danaca, Danah, Danay, Dane, Danet, Daney, Dania, Danica, Danna, Danya, Dayna, Dayne and Donnica.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Is of Hebrew origin, and its meaning is "beloved".
Biblical: one of the most remarkable personalities in the Scriptures. David was a shepherd, musician, poet, soldier, statesman, prophet, and king. He wrote about half of the Psalms and very likely composed music for them as well. He is the only David mentioned in the Bible; his name occurs there more than a thousand times.
Saint David (sixth century) is the patron saint of Wales. In Scotland, David was a royal name. Explorer David Livingstone; actors David Niven, David Arquette, David Duchovny, David Schwimmer; baseball star Dave Winfield; TV host David Letterman; musician David Bowie; soccer player David Beckham.
Variations of David are:
Daffy, Daffyd, Dafydd, Dai, Dave, Davey, Davi, Davidde, Davide, Davidson, Davie, Daviel, Davies, Davin, Davis, Daven, Davon, Davy, Davyd, Davydd and Davyn.


Is of Hebrew origin, and its meaning is "God is my judge". Biblical: the prophet and writer of the book of Daniel was a teenager when he was taken to Babylon after the destruction of Jerusalem in 607 BC. He survived a politically motivated death sentence in a lions' den.
Many prominent men have had the name since, among them statesman Daniel Webster and frontiersman Daniel Boone.
Novelist Daniel Defoe; entertainers Danny Thomas, Danny Kaye; Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan; actors Daniel Day-Lewis, Danny DeVito, Danny Aiello, Daniel Radcliffe.
Variationsof Daniel are:
Dan, Danal, Dane, Daneal, Danek, Danell, Dani, Danial, Daniele, Danil, Danilo, Danko, Dannel, Dannie, Danny, Dantrell, Danyal, Danyel and Deiniol.

Thursday, January 11, 2007


Is of Latin origin, and its meaning is "famous, brilliant".
Made famous in the 1920s by the silent film actress Clara Bow, known as "the It girl", because whatever "it" was, she had it.
Variatons of Clara are:
Clarabelle, Claretha, Claribel, Clarice, Clarie, Clarinda, Clarine, Clarita, Claritza, Clarrie, Clarry, Klara and Klarra.


Is of French origin, and its meaning is "little and womanly". Feminine dimunitive of Charles, used in England since the 17th century, and made popular by Queen Charlotte, George III's wife (19th century).
Literary: in E.B. White's "Charlotte's Web", the heroine of the title is a spider.
Novelist Charlotte Brontë; actress Charlotte Rampling; singer Charlotte Church.
Variations of Charlotte are:
Carla, Carleen, Carlie, Carline, Carlota, Carlotta, Carly, Carlyne, Char, Chara, Charill, Charla, Charlaine, Charleen, Charlene, Charlet, Charlette, Charlie, Charline, Charlot, Charlotta, Charly, Charlyne, Charmain, Charmaine, Charmian, Charmion, Charmion, Charo, Charty, Charyl, Cherlyn, Cheryl, Cheryll, Karla, Karleen, Karlene, Karli, Karlicka, Karlie, Karlika, Karline, Karlota, Karlotta, Karlotte, Karly, Karlyne, Lola, Loleta, Loletta, Lolita, Lolotte, Lotta, Lottchen, Lotte, Lottey, Lotti, Lottie, Lotty, Sharel, Sharil, Sharla, Sharlaine, Sharleen, Sharlene, Sharlet, Sharlette, Sharline, Sharlot, Sharmain, Sharmayne, Sharmian, Sharmion, Sharyl, Sheri, Sherie, Sherrie, Sherry, Sherye, Sheryl and Tottie.


Is of Greek origin, and its meaning is "bearing Christ inside". From Khristophoros. Popular among early Christians.
Revived in the 1940s by the popularity of A.A. Milne's "Winnie the Pooh", whose human hero is called Christopher Robin. Explorer Christopher Columbus; actors Christopher Plummer, Christopher Reeve; architect Christopher Wren.
Variations of Christopher are:
Chris, Christie, Christof, Christofer, Christoffer, Christoforo, Christoforus, Christoph, Christophe, Christophoros, Christos, Cris, Cristobal, Cristofer, Cristoforo, Cristovano, Kester, Kit, Kitt, Kris, Kriss, Kristo, Kristofel, Kristofer, Kristoffer, Kristofor, Kristoforos, Kristos, Krzysztof, Stoffel, Tobal and Topher.


Is of Hebrew origin, and its meaning is "dog". Biblical: Caleb, a companion of Moses and Joshua, was noted for his astute powers of observation and fearlessness in the face of overwhelming odds; his devotion to God is symbolized by the "dog" in some traditions.
The name was popular among the Puritans.
Variations of Caleb are:
Cal, Cale, Cayleb, Kaleb, Kayleb and Kaylob.