Monday, December 18, 2006


Is of Irish, Gaelic and Celtic origin, and its meaning is "high, noble, exalted." May also possibly mean "strong." A contemporary feminine form of Brian, found occasionally in England since the 16th century.
Variations of Brianna are:
Brana, Breanna, Breanne, Bree, Breeann, Breeanna, Breeanne, Breena, Bri, Bria, Briahna, Briana, Briane, Briann, Brianna, Briannah, Brianne, Brianni, Briannon, Briauna, Briaunna, Brie, Brieann, Brieanna, Brienna, Brienne, Brina, Briney, Brinn, Brinna, Briny, Bryana, Bryann, Bryanna, Bryanne, Bryauna, Bryn, Bryna, Brynna, Brynna, Brynne and Breayanna.

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